THE STORY:    TIM is the first stop-motion animated short film from Wonder Motion Studios.   Narrated by the legendary Christopher Lee, TIM is a tribute to Tim Burton based on Mr. Burton’s early short film VINCENT.  In VINCENT, a little boy (Vincent Malloy) wants to be like Vincent Price.  In TIM, the little boy (Timothy Todd) wants to be like Tim Burton.  

While Timothy has good intentions, hilarity ensues as his comical attempts to be like his hero are thwarted by his family as well as his bad judgment.   In the end however, Timothy Todd discovers that what is most important is finding his own unique voice and that he just needs to be himself.

Using clever rhyme and Burtonesque imagery based on the imaginative world of Tim Burton, TIM is sure to be an audience pleaser.
W O N D E R   M O T I O N
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DEVELOPMENT:  TIM was conceived and written by Brian Joseph Ochab in the spring of 2008.  However, it wasn’t until January of 2010 that he decided to really develop the film.  At the urging of a Hollywood writer / producer, Brian polished the story and started to put things into motion.

He met with Chad Frye, an artist, illustrator and animator and formally began development of the project.  This included concept artwork, character and puppet design.  

Brian’s first choice for the “Narrator” was Sir Christopher Lee, taking over the role similar to that of Vincent Price on VINCENT.  Sir Christopher agreed to take it on and in July 2010, Brian flew to England to direct the recording session.  Recording was done at the historic Trident Studios in London.

Brian Joseph Ochab & Sir Christopher Lee

CURRENT STATUS:  TIM is in the final stages of pre-production and will be moving into production very soon.
The Team:   To compliment the primary creative team, Brian and Chad have assembled a very accomplished group of puppet builders, designers, sculptors, animators and visual effects artists, several of whom have worked on Tim Burton films.  The project continues to attract top industry pros who want to be part of this very special tribute.

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