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  1. Q.What was it like working with Christopher Lee?

  1. A. In a word...amazing!  As a film geek I’ve been a fan of Christopher Lee for a long time.              

     From his well known work in the Hammer films, James Bond and LORD OF THE RINGS,    

     to movies like AN EYE FOR AN EYE, an early Chuck Norris film from the 80’s.

    From the moment he walked into the London recording studio, his charm, wit and grace

    were clearly evident.  His ease in reading the TIM poem and his willingness to explore   

    different interpretations gave us so much to work with.  Much like Peter Jackson described    

    in his excellent introduction to Sir Christopher's autobiography, I too had to pinch myself

    and try simply to keep it together knowing I was working with this amazing motion picture


    However, as a professional, my mind quickly became focused on the work at hand and   

    what was necessary to tell the story.   As we worked together, director to actor there existed

    a gentle ebb and flow to the session, ideas sparking, humorous moments and a sense that

    we were creating something very special.

    Once the session was finished, I was delighted when he accepted my invitation to lunch.

    With work finished, (although I could hardly call the experience “work”) I could once again     

    just simply be a fan.  He regaled me with stories of Errol Flynn, Orson Wells, Boris Karloff

    and so many more.  Being a cinefile, this was a dream come true.  Like riding in a time

    machine with a personal tour guide, I was wrapped with every word and the stories

    projected on the screen in my head in full Technicolor (sometimes in black & white too!)

    He graciously signed one of our TIM concept posters (which I now have proudly hanging in

    my studio) and I walked with him back to the car we had arranged to take him home.

    We thanked each other and he was off. 

    As a director, It lifts my soul knowing that I’m one degree from some of the greatest

    directors in motion picture history to have worked with him.   As an artist, I am humbled to  

    have witnessed such mastery of the acting craft by a one of the best.  As a fan,

    the little boy inside of me is simply thrilled that I got to meet Sir Christopher Lee.

    And, as with any extraordinary experience, one immediately and selfishly

    wants to repeat it.  Perhaps it will come to pass.  After all, this is the movies and in the

    movies, anything is possible.

                      - Brian Joseph Ochab

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  1. Q. I’ve got a great story / script idea.  Can I submit it to you guys?

  1. A. We understand your desire to see your story come to life.  That’s why we created our         

     studio!  We have several projects in development and our creative team is focused on

     those stories.  Also, for legal reasons, we do not and cannot accept any external creative

     materials such as scripts, character drawings, proposals etc.  All creative materials will be

     returned to you unopened.   But we do sincerely wish you success with your project.       

     If it’s good, it will find a champion and make its way out there.   Keep at it.

  1. Q. This seems like a very cool and creative environment to work in. 

      How do I submit my portfolio / reel?

  1. A.Yes, this is definitely a cool, fun and creative environment!  In addition to our desire to create memorable films and other media, we want to work with amazing talent.  In the very near future, we will be expanding and welcoming people to join our team.  Check back with us soon as we will be posting our submission guidelines.

  1. Q.Can we check out your studio?

  1. A.We are not offering public tours at this time.   If you are a member of the media and

    would like to schedule an interview or an on set visit, please contact us at:  In the subject line, please put “Media Request”.